5 Unexpected Ways To Use Location Analytics

Originally Shown on February 17, 2016

In this webinar you’ll learn 5 unexpected ways you can use location analytics to make smart business decisions.

This webinar will help you if you are…

  • Deciding If You Need To Include Location Analytics To Your BI Strategy – As we show you these 5 unexpected ways to use location analytics, you’ll further understand the business value of seeing your data in the context of its location.
  • Comparing Location Analytic Tools – You will see QlikMaps in action as we demonstrate how our customers think outside the box and customize QlikMaps to maximize their ROI.
  • Wanting To Enhance Your Current Location Analytics Tool – This webinar will be sure to spark ideas and get your wheels turning once you see how other companies uniquely utilize location analytics and implement business decisions based on their visualized data.

Whether you are deciding how to utilize and implement location analytics for your company or you have a location analytics tool and you need to break from the status-quo, this webinar will be sure to trigger your imagination and help you unlock the hidden value of location in your company’s data.

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