Make Better Location-Related Decisions with QlikMaps

Originally Shown on June 14, 2017

It is critical to understand how location affects your business. Properly analyzing location can provide insights that support and improve decision making in everything from marketing to supply chain logistics and operations. Learn how you can use QlikMaps to visualize and analyze the relationship between corporate data and location-specific data. See how you can:

  • Create maps faster than ever. In just a few seconds (with NO coding required), you can build a multi-layer map with custom coloring, pop-ups, and drill down functionality.
  • Zoom into incredibly detailed areas to geospatially discover your data inside buildings, retail stalls of airports and shopping malls, agricultural fields, and much more.View data as multiple layers on your map to unlock otherwise unseen insights.
  • Mash up data from outside your data model to see how your data and the real world is connected.
  • Perform geographic drill down analyses to explore areas of interest.
  • Enhance your custom pop-ups to get the information you need directly on the map.

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